Fellowship/Scholarship Opportunities

Students in the program have a wide variety of different funding options, some being available throughout one’s career as a graduate student, while others are only available for incoming or later-stage graduate students. These opportunities include fellowships, teaching assistantships, graduate assistantships, research assistantships, and sometimes paid internships with local organizations. Receiving an award from CofC also makes out of state students eligible to receive in-state tuition abatements.

Glebe Fellowship (2): up to $2000 for an incoming student for use during their first year. Awarded by the Admissions Committee in the program. No additional application is necessary.

Graduate School fellowships: these are awarded to incoming students by the Graduate School, and are competitive across all graduate programs at the College of Charleston. Potential nominees for these awards will be made by the Admissions Committee of the program, and contingent upon the recommendation of the Program Director. No additional application is necessary.

More information on Graduate School fellowships can be found on the Graduate School website.

Autotype's design scholarship 

Autotype's design scholarship recipients will be selected by our ADC panel of industry design leaders and is open to all students currently enrolled in an undergraduate, graduate or extension program in the following disciplines and associated disciplines of graphic & computer design, industrial design, art media and technology, fashion design, photography, illustration, fine art, film & animation, architecture, exhibition design, landscape design, interiors, and writing.

The Mildred Colodny Diversity Scholarship

The Mildred Colodny Diversity Scholarship program provides financial assistance and experiential learning opportunities to individuals preparing for careers in historic preservation.  The purpose of the Colodny Scholarship is to increase the diversity of people pursuing degrees and careers in historic preservation in the United States.  The National Trust is seeking culturally diverse applicants whose commitment to historic preservation will be strengthened by obtaining a graduate degree in preservation, who will benefit from the internship and mentorship opportunities provided by the Trust, and who ultimately will contribute valuable, diverse perspectives to -- and become leaders in -- the field of preservation.

Jane Jacobs Fellowship

The Jane Jacobs Fellowships are created for individuals to engage in city-building processes of critical importance in maintaining or regaining the strength and resilience of cities. Fellowships occur across disciplines and address the complex, interconnected problems facing cities throughout the world.  

CNU Charter Awards

Since 2001, CNU's annual Charter Awards have recognized outstanding achievements in architectural, landscape, and urban design and planning worldwide. Regarded as the preeminent award for excellence in urban design, the CNU Charter Awards honors a select number of winners—including student winners. Winning projects represent major contributions to building more equitable, sustainable, connected, healthy, and prosperous communities.

APA Foundation Scholarships

The APA Foundation awards scholarships to make the planning profession more diverse and accessible to those of limited means. Scholarship awards are made to students currently enrolled in degree programs in planning.

APA Division Scholarships

Divisions of the American Planning Association sponsor a variety of competitions, scholarships, fellowships, and grants for students enrolled in degree programs in planning or a closely related field.