Frequently Asked Questions

When is my application due?

The applications deadlines are:

  • March 1st (priority deadline for assistantships and scholarships)
  • April 1 is the deadline for international students
  • May 1 is the final deadline

Is there an application fee?

There is a $50 fee when applying online to any of the Graduate School programs.

What are the minimum admissions requirements?

  • Official transcripts from all academic institutions
  • Two letters of recommendation

  • A statement of personal goals to be completed by the student during his/her time in the program

 How are the applications processed?

Application materials are sent to the Graduate School Office (GSO) of the University of Charleston, South Carolina at the College of Charleston. Once the GSO has received all of the application materials, your file is sent to the CPAD Office. The CPAD Admissions Committee then reviews the file and a decision is made. The CPAD Office will notify you of the decision as soon as possible.

How can I ensure that my application is processed successfully?

It is your responsibility as an applicant to make sure that all application materials (application form, official transcripts, letters of recommendation, statement of goals, and $50 application fee) are turned in to the Graduate School Office. It is best to send all materials in together. If you have questions as to the status of your application, contact the Graduate School Office at (843) 953-5614 or email

If I have not met all the required undergraduate coursework, am I still eligible for the program?

Some applicants may not satisfy all requirements. Every effort will be made to accommodate such applicants through preparatory classes at the College of Charleston. Exceptions can be made on an individual basis, depending upon a candidate's background or experience. If you have concerns about your eligiblity, please email the CPAD office at

How long does it take to complete the program?

The CPAD Program’s coursework includes 54 credits and is designed to be completed within two years. In general, students take two to three years to complete their requirements. The CPAD Steering Committee and the Dean of the Graduate School will consider petitions for extensions in extenuating circumstances.

Who are the CPAD program faculty?

The CPAD program faculty members come from a wide variety of disciplines at the College of Charleston, and courtesy or affiliate faculty who are current practitioners at organizations and firms such as the City of Charleston, LS3P Associates, the Clark Design Group, and many others. Information about the faculty can be found on the CPAD Program Faculty page.

What is the cost of tuition?

The Fall 2019/Spring 2020 tuition is $569/credit for students with South Carolina residency, and $1,448/credit for students with residency outside of South Carolina. For more information, visit the Treasurer's Office Tuition and Fees page.

How many hours constitute a full-time student?

CPAD students are considered full time when enrolled in at least six (6) and at most twelve (12) graduate credit hours.

What internship and Independent Field Study opportunities are available for CPAD students? Where is this information posted?

There are a variety of opportunities available through local private and government agencies. Students may also choose to develop an academic internship project nationally or internationally to better suit their interest.

Student Life

Does the school offer housing for graduate students?

Unfortunately, as an urban campus, the College is unable to offer on-campus housing to graduate students. However, the program coordinator can give recommendations on where to live in Charleston depending on your budget and preferences.

Where can I find information about off-campus housing?

The Office of Residence Life and Housing provides information regarding off-campus housing. 

What are the options for student parking?

Parking is severely limited at the College of Charleston, and in the downtown Charleston area. There are spaces available for CofC students through Auxiliary Services. For more information, visit the Parking Services website. Other options include parking on the street or one of the many public garages. The Charleston Area Regional Transportation Authority (CARTA) has express shuttles to and from campus in select areas, at no cost to College of Charleston students, staff and faculty. Walking, biking or carpooling are all highly recommended!